January 06, 2007

This christmas vacation.....


This christmas hols after our s3 theory exams i saw and learnt many important and intersting things.
Those may be classified as information,knowledge,fun,curiosity etc.

One of the most important achivement this month was achieved not by me,but my father!!
He succeeded in bringing my 500 plan broadband to 250.
I can't say whether I am sad or happy at this,but as it came through,it can be understood that I didnt object much.

As my father says,the more you have the more you want.So when the source was curbed,I found to my surprise that I really need not spend so much time with the net,and still not be bored or miss important things.

Anyway,with that done and exams over,my bro came over.So I had no job in the computer.
So,I started learning many new and forgotten things.I built the crave for work that I had almost lost.

As my friend Manu was involved in buying upgrades for his old pc,we used to discuss those things usually.He learnt many things about motherboards,graphic cards etc from many sources and we were trying to get a decent upgrade so that he may play many new games.In the process I too started checking those details in net and mags.This was followed by daily checking of the cabinet.

Unlike usual drive connection works,this time I tried to really understand what the board looks like and found it to be quite understandable for a normal person who may need to fix and check a few things on the board usually.All ports and circuits were properly named and allotted space.
I learnt to dismantle most ports,cords,cards and devices.

When I bought the pendrive this time,I was able to make a proper study of pendrive manufacture,common industry standards and recovery tools.

I also happened to go deeper into optical drives and especially the new medias like dvd+r/-r,blu-ray etc.Also when I got my old 120gb HD replaced,I went for some research on HDs.I learnt of perpendicular storage and industry standards and codes.

No one can just completely(or even half) understand their own actions and interests.You need other sources to help you to understand those.This time the Yahoo Answers helped me.
In the technical portion I was able to answer most question related to motherboards,graphic cards,RAM,pendrives,optical media,hard disk etc,whereas most of question in programming,gaming etc which were my earlier areas, were strange and tough.

Also during these days I have played very little games and so my mind is fresh.So I decided that I rekindle my old spirits of PL-SQL,SQL and VB.By their re-emergence I will go into MySQL and then onto the castle PHP.
In the mean time I wish to keep in gud touch with C also ,so that I may go easy with kernels and then onto..........JAVA(long dream...)

I have just made a note-like mention of my chores and my hopes.....give ur comments


knarayanan1234 said...

You seem to be a guy , I believe, out of the box type...meaning xtraordinary..
You are very open minded...Telling everybody what u are planning o study etc...
Are all the MEC students of your batch like this??
This is just to compare my batch with yours....

Vivek said...

Hey sorry buddy..didnt read this comment until recently...

I donno how to answer ur question...