August 10, 2008

another df modification

df -H|sed -n '/^\//{H;d};${x;p}'

Just another modification to view usage of all partitions in the way I want...

vivek@vivek-desktop:~$ df -H|sed -n '/^\//{H;d};${x;p}'

/dev/sda3 13G 6.6G 5.6G 55% /
/dev/sda6 38G 32G 5.9G 85% /media/6
/dev/sda7 65G 63G 2.0G 97% /media/7
/dev/sda8 43G 38G 5.7G 87% /media/8
/dev/sda9 33G 32G 1.2G 97% /media/9
/dev/sda1 17G 7.4G 8.8G 46% /media/1
/dev/sda5 43G 41G 2.0G 96% /media/5

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