August 15, 2009

Its not "Hard"ware..

This is not something I would have written some months ago..but as of career is in close ties with hardware.

Being an embedded Product Engineer in scope covers a large area consisting of software engineering,user interface design,hardware interfacing,quality engineering,testing and some research also.

Life in hardware with all the capacitors,resistors and amplifiers is fine. But with the FPGA/CPLD, protocols,controllers,processors,busses,RF,EMI/EMC, PCB design tools and God-knows-what-all coming into the picture, it becomes very interesting and challenging..though my exact area of work would just have to touch upon a little of all..

Having a majority of E&C trainees in the batch and highly experienced and passionate seniors as trainers is a great advantage for people like me.

Anyway it is not just hardware here..lot of semi hardware with a mix of low level interfacing and programming comes into the picture. This includes kernel level development and involvement with real time operating systems.

I am not writing more about these, as I have no idea of things to come...its just class room training now..once put into a team doing a product...all hell breaks loose..something you don't expect in any other field..because with a product ,the kind of accountability each individual carries is immense..and so is the pride and passion of being included in such a team.


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