November 12, 2009

Working with windows

Hi the linux and free software guy is working with Windows Development

So,take out whatever u have to say about it.. circumstances and couple of wrong choices bring to the point. And of course a bit of bad luck mixed with my otherwise very good luck.

So,in my regular spirit of taking everything as a learning experience, I dived directly into the world of .net,c# and the work environment of visual studio. It all began with a proper .net training(which frankly took the life out of me by the 4th day of the 7 day training..)C# was fun and the power interested me.
But as the days wore on, I realised the truth that I have heard and even promoted about the evils of M$.They have built a looot( i meant it) of in-built this and that. Basically a lot of bullshit, if you stop to think how easy and sensible it would be for a developer to handle it themselves.

Though a lot of such facilities are touted as aiding in faster development,I personally feel(maybe due to my largely Linux and open source background) that it severely prohibits creativity and most importantly debugging facilities. I had spend about 3-4 hours trying to find ways to do some very simple operations on a UI component and finally gave it up and simply hid the control with another . I also find it tough to convince experienced developers in the .NET platform to adopt my crude but effective methods. I guess I do have a task of bringing about a mindset shift :D

In technical work there should be something with an art in it..something creative, else its boring and mundane ..very.Its upto each person involved with this art to keep the passion alive :D Different people have different passion in the same field,so thats not something generic to comment about with a sensible conclusion.

Do you know whats wrong with the .NET development framework?
They try to make things accessible and flexible,by providing a lot of things..finally making it too damn complicated for anyone to make any sense out of what they should and in which way to solve a given business logic problem.
And you have no way to bypass what they give, at times..coz of the closed source
tats all...makes a deadly combination :D

Thats all for now.. will be back with more info on something new.. taata

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