January 31, 2010

Compatibility Woes

My laptop came with a Windows 7. So far I liked it for its visual effects. But now, as I started downloading games and applications, win 7 gives me headaches. Most of the older applications,especially the games refuse to work with this version.

I downloaded around 10gb of content, just to be put aside as they won't start at all.I even tried quite a bit of googling. But it didn't give much useful info. The OS being 64bit also hurts some applications badly.
Anyway,I found out that patches are coming up for many apps which might fix the compatibility issues. So, i just have to wait and download them when they are available.

If those woes hadn't come up,I might now be stuck up with some game. Instead, I am blogging and listening to some good ol' strings. Anyway I am off to download more development and networking tools,hoping they are not affected seriously by the compatibility issues.

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