January 13, 2010

Phone purchase

I had mentioned in my other blog that I had bought a new phone.It was done after I did some extensive search online.
Mobile is one field where finding the accurate information that is relevant,is difficult. I had gone through countless forums comparing models,technologies etc. Also there were many portals involved. Some of them were pure crap,and some were exceptionally useful.

One among them is this site called Consumer Mate. They provide solutions for four categories:Laptops, Mobile, Cameras and LCD/Plasma. The very home page seems different from the other sites you get to see out there. It has options to let us select various features that we expect,using sliders and checkboxes( far more user-friendly than drop down lists ) for the mobile phone prices.

That helped me play with the options I wanted. The search threw up quite a number of respectable models. The review and information I got for each model was pretty satisfactory. This is not the case with most of the other sites where information is only partial or half-cooked :)

They also provide an online store facility. That would make it easy for someone to buy immediately. I was fairly impressed by their overall design and layout. But the most interesting business strategy they have adopted is the ASK US section. You can post your queries or purchase interest in that and you get a call from a local vendor within two days. I filled it up for fun and got a call from a dealer here. Now that is quite some business model.
Though I went for a Nokia phone,a friend of mine who lost his Samsung phone to "Tea-logging" went for a brand new one from this site. His comments about the prompt service reminded me to blog about this. The site mentions they provide the best deals for Samsung mobile phones in India

I found it good for laptop prices and reviews as well..
Check out and see how good it is for you.

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