November 25, 2008


This is about a new tool I started to use,bootchart.
As the name implies,it is used to make a chart of the booting processes.It gives CPU and memory usages at various stages of booting and also informs which processes are running and how much resources it uses.
The results are stored in /var/log/bootchart/ as .png that we can view it as graph.

The tool actually runs ahead of init as a daemon bootchartd and hence is able to monitor all subsequent processes.
It is a nice tool that helps you analyze slow or abnormal boot times(though there are lots of other ways to find and solve boot issues).I cannot say if it is ultimate,but it is kind of user-friendly,as in no cluttering with jargon and information.I didn't take the time to read more on it,as I have an exam tomorrow.But I did do a search on Google,and found some of may read through if you wish..

Home Page
Bootchart refresher course
Distro comparison article
Usage guide
Debian Article
Ubuntu Time Saving Tips from nixCraft

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