November 14, 2008

BOSS is here

Today I got a copy of BOSS( Bharat Operating System Solutions ) from the CUSAT stall of C-DAC, after a fierce argument.
I hadn't been interested in this flavour since it time of release,because I didn't see any real enthusiastic support for it from the community in any I thought it must be really crappy..used for Indian govt offices and all...

Today the major attraction at their stall was a distributed system they call 'Chinnu' that performs heavy tasks using a Message Passing Interface(MPI)..just learnt in the paper AAP( :( )...BOSS was apparently near there and they started explaining..I caught off the difference between this and Debian Malayalam..they couldn't clarify my doubts..not only because I was not sure about the topic...they weren't the actual people who had developed that..this is what I understood.

Anyway..the DVD wasn't given away to many people from the I decided to try it on the laptop that was taken from college for the stall.I booted it up..and observed a pretty good bootscreen.....nice graphics...
The loaded Desktop looked very much like the normal debian with a blue wallpaper..looked good.

I just checked out all the menus and looked much more like Ubuntu than Debian..even had customized icon set..with compiz fusion and k3b (among other extra apps) pre-installed. So, I just checked out if it played all media formats and fired up an mp3 from my usb...and it didn't play as expected and gave the similar sequence of steps as Ubuntu does( to search online for packages).So far so good..I have only checked it out for few minutes..not bad.

Only problems faced are the sluggish control..but then it is normal when such heavy stuff run on 256mb ram...and it couldn't even mount the Debian partition on the hard disk citing permission problems..funny!

I checked out their site,registered and travelled here and there...checking out content..not bad..but they seem to be giving too much credit to themselves for the quite simple tasks they seem to have done..and this has been confirmed by our Free Software puli Sarath Lakshman of the 'Slynux' fame.He says BOSS and his group i.e the Swanthanthra Malayalam Computing are engaged in some fight.He accuses BOSS of removing credits of many softwares and using wrong usages and principles over the entire OS.
May be this is the reason to the lack of enthusiasm among many people for the distro..anyway its not such a bad distro.I might try it for some time before coming back to life using a normal distro than a pseudo 'live' one...
Frankly I am fed up of the live cds..running on different pcs..exotic ones especially..and especialllllly.... gOS and SliTaz..crappy ones ..nothing big to explain about for a whole day.I have got nothing to say about Jacklab Audio Distribution...its pure waste as far as I am concerned..but Backtrack and Geexbox rule!!!
Tux Rules...!!

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