November 30, 2008

XP Sp3 Nvidia driver issue

Found that nvidia chipset drivers(graphics) do not work with windows xp sp3.I was trying to play "Rise of Nations",but it didn't load due to some graphics problem.Early,I had the issue with World of Goo,but I didn't know of that game's specs,so left it there.

Anyway,on checking the 'dxdiag' on the Video tab,Direct 3D was disabled.So I searched the net and found that indeed sp3 was the culprit,and the suggested solution was to download and use the latest chipset from nVidia.So,I downloaded the 84 mb driver and installed and restarted the pc.Voila,fixed.

Just came back after playing the game for a couple of hours(cheating of course,not bothering to play it fairly and slowly).

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